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Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED DESTINY

All Alone by High and Mighty Colour
Bokutachi No Yukue by Takahashi Hitomi (3rd OP Song)
Change The World by Chemistry
Crosswise by T.M.Revolution
Emotion by Tanaka Rie (Insert Song)
Fields Of Hope by Tanaka Rie (Insert Song)
Hikaru Kakera by High and Mighty Colour
Honoo no Tobira by FictionJunction Yuuka (Insert Song)
I Wanna Go To A Place... by Rie Fu (3rd ED Song)
Ignited by T.M. Revolution (1st OP Song)
Kaze no Kirin by Takahashi Hitomi
Kimi Wa Boku Ni Niteiru by See-Saw (4th ED Song)
Life Goes On by Arisaka Mika (2nd ED Song)
Melody by Takahashi Hitomi
Meteor by T.M.Revolution
Pride by High and Mighty Colour (2nd OP Song)
Promised Land by Tamaki Nami
Reason by Tamaki Nami (1st ED Song)
Seijaku wa Headphone no Naka by See-Saw
They Always Talk About by Rie Fu
Toki no Sabaku by Arisaka Mika
Truth by Tamaki Nami
Vestige by T.M. Revolution
Wings of Words by Chemistry (4th OP Song)